Musical background

Karen Myers is an amateur musician and has been one all her life.


  • Traditional repertoires (British Isles/America/Europe)
  • Traditional religious forms (Hymns, Shaped Note, Sacred Harp)
  • Popular semi-pro repertoires (Barbershop, Parlor Songs, German Student Songs, Collegiate Songs)
  • Art music (“Classical”): Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical


  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin (traditional Scandinavian folkmusic)
  • Nyckelharpa (traditional Scandinavian folkmusic)
  • Hardanger fiddle (traditional Norwegian folkmusic)
  • Cittra (Swedish “zither”)
  • Hurdy-Gurdy (medieval Europe)
  • Viola da Gamba (Baroque)

Reference Resource


Harmonious Companions – Volume One (Currently out-of-print (1993). Planned reprint: 2022.)

“Being a Compendium of One Hundred Dramatic, Romantic, Convivial, Sporting, Seasonal, Martial and Celebratory Songs from the traditional repertoires of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, America, Canada, Germany and France. Collected and arranged for two to four vocal parts by Karen Myers. Includes extensive commentary and dozens of engravings from old woodcuts.”